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Online collaboration

• monthly online diet plan – £80

• training plan – the gym – £40

• training plan – home – £50

• diet + training plan – home – £100

• diet + training plan – gym- £110

In the office 
• body composition measurements, dietary consultation, monthly diet, contact and support 24/7 £100/month

• training plan – gym £40

• training plan – home £50

• PT session £30/hour

• Diet coaching £30/hour

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Legal sweets are products created for people with sweet teeth who want to eat healthy without giving up sweet pleasure 🙂

All products are gluten-free and sugar-free.

Legal sweets are distinguished by high nutritional value, made from high quality products that provide many vitamins and minerals, proteins and fibre.

So enjoy the sweet taste while taking care of your diet and health.


1. Youghurt cake – it is our bestseller. Creamy and soft cake on crunchy chocolate base will make you feel like in heaven 🙂

Nutrition value per portion(1/4 of a cake):

Energy- 186 kcal




Nutrition information: High in proteins, low calorie, low fat, contains nuts

2. Chocolate butternut squash cake – can you imagine chocolate brownie cake with cocoa cream that you can eat with no regrets regarding your diet? Now you don’t have to cause it is real 🙂

Nutrition value per portion(1/6 of a cake):

Energy- 165kcal




Nutrition information: rich in antioxidants, contains nuts

3. Carrot cake – we all love it and now we all can enjoy it even on reduction diet 🙂 sweet, moisture cake with raspberry homemade jam and white chocolate cream

Nutrition value per portion(1/6 of a cake):

Energy- 156kcal




Nutrition information: rich in vitamins A and E, high in fibre, may contains nuts

4. Oat cupcakes – crunchy bottom filled with light cream (vanilla or cocoa) will makes you fell gooooood from very morning as a sweet brekkie 🙂 perfect for work, school or in da house treat 😉

Nutrition value per portion(2 cupcakes):

Energy- 250kcal

Proteins- 6,8g



Nutrition information: high in fibre and antioxidants, contains nuts

5. Cheesecake – sweet and creamy vanilla cheesecake with cocoa bottom and dark chocolate topping 🙂 do we need to say more… 🙂

Nutrition value per portion(1/4 of a cake):

Energy- 200kcal




Nutrition information: high in proteins, may contains nuts

  • All cakes are 15 cm diameter, cupcakes are sold as a package of 4

  • Each product cost £10

  • Orders must be collected from Atherton or Eccles (delivery possible with bigger orders)

  • Order through email address: